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Shir Techno Trade Ltd 

The company was incorporated and established by experienced management team

specializing in the fields of hydraulic engineering systems, mechnical and electric equipments. 


Our team provides high quality complete solutions to serve the local market as well as export business.


Our company supplies a wide range of equipments for industrial machines, OEM's construction, marine applications and mobile drilling rigs.




              רח' החופר 34, אזוה"ת חולון, ת.ד 1905 חולון 5811801         טלפון: 03-5501440         פקס: 03-5501421         דואר אלקטרוני:

          34 Hahofer St., Industrial Area, Holon 5811801, Israel       Tel: +972 - 3 - 5501440       Fax: +972 - 3 - 5501421        E-mail:



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