SHIR TECHNO TRADE was incorporated and established by an experienced management team specializing in the fields of hydraulic motoring systems, mechanical and electrical equipment. We provide high quality, complete solutions for specific customers. Our company supplies a wide range of equipment for industrial machines, OEM construction manufacturers, marine applications and mobile drilling.  We supply complete hydraulic power units and design custom-made hydraulic systems.
Our company has more than 15 years of experience in distribution and sales of high quality and reliable equipment for industrial and construction applications. Our suppliers and business partners are from the European, American and Asian markets.

Mechanical and Electrical Components.  Our activities include: import, distribution, sales and trading of mechanical and electrical components such as electric motors, electronic inverters, mechanical gear boxes, conveyors, chains and machinery accessories.
Hydraulic Equipment – We are a one-stop shop for all hydraulic brands, which include a wide range of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, directional valves, pressure/flow valves, air-oil-water heat exchangers, accumulators, and a wide range of flexible hoses.
Our inventory provides a wide selection of all your mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components.

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