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Electric motors are actually a machine for everything, this machine translates electrical energy into rotational energy. As of today, more and more companies and even private individuals understand the advantage and use the same electric motors both in private and industrial places. Want to maintain an efficient and safe work environment at the same time? Exactly for this purpose, Shir Technotrade gives you all the answers that will help you make the right purchase for you.
Three-phase and single-phase motor
The open market offers two main types of electric motors and they are single-phase motors and those three-phase motors that we will talk about in the next part of the article. Single-phase motors are more suitable for use in a private place such as a house, places where a smaller power supply is required. Even in places where there is no supply of three-phase electricity in a single-phase motor in order to create a rotational torque similar to an auxiliary phase, while the fields are connected by means of a capacitor whose function is to cause the movement to start and ultimately drive the motor itself.
And what is a three-phase motor?
A three-phase motor is suitable for operation with a higher supply of electricity, in fact, we are talking here about at least three magnetic fields - one for each phase. Those phases are fixed at an angle of 120 degrees and thus create the rotational torque of the rotor.
What are motors with a stop?
If you are looking for a motor that will stop immediately when the power is turned off, similar to cranes for that matter, there is no doubt that motors with a stop will be the answer. In fact, the idea of choosing motors with a stop, is a choice that comes from a suitable place of jobs that are able to deal with a lot of activations and stops in one minute as well as an extremely fast response time. Stop motors come with three-phase, single-phase and direct current supply.
What are explosion proof motors and how container they maintain a safe working environment?
Explosion-proof motors are intended to perform rotary motion in explosive areas. If you work in an environment where there are explosive powders, liquids and even flammable gases, choosing explosion-proof electric motors is not a choice but a must for you. Want to maintain a safe work environment? Shir Technotrade has a variety of explosion-proof motors that will provide a safe working environment and all along with extremely high speed and tightness.
There are several degrees of explosion protection:
Explosion-proof motors for EXNA powders
Explosion-proof motors for EEXE gases
Explosion-proof motors for EXD fuels
Electric motor for various purposes
The basic structure of every electric motor is the same, even if the different motors are designed for different purposes. Each motor is built in order to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and into the energy of movement, in order to be able to perform actions and tasks with its help. All motors are all divided into two parts which together create the energy - the stator and the rotor. The stator is the fixed part of the motor, and inside it are magnets or alternatively winding coils. The rotor is the central axis that passes inside the stator and magnetic forces act on it, and they are the ones that bring about its movement and operation.
direct current motors
A direct current electric motor includes a permanent magnet and brushes inside. In this type of motor, there are two magnets inside the stator, and they are directed against each other - the north pole of one magnet faces the south pole of the other magnet. The rotor here has several different coils. The brushes in the motor are made of carbon, and they touch the rotor coils. Here an electrical contact is created which helps the magnet of the axis and the movement of the motor.
Brushless DC motors
In these motors, which operate without the aid of brushes, you container find in the stator itself coils that are wound together, while on the rotor you container find a magnet. These motors also include magnetic sensors whose function is to control the speed and position of the rotating shaft.
AC motors
In these motors, direct current is not used, but alternating current. Inside the motor you will find a stator with several wound coils, and a rotor which rotates in the center of the motor in accordance with the magnetic field created in it.
Engines for industry
You container find a really high-quality electric motor made in Italy or made in Germany, when you container find on the market a variety of types of electric motor for different uses in industry, including a three-phase motor, a single-phase motor with 220 or 230 VAC, motors with a stop, motors that are protected against explosion - in degrees Different and in accordance with different standards, vibrator motors and shakers, two-speed or three-speed motors, as well as electric motors with the addition of forced ventilation.

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