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Water heat exchangers - oil produced by EMMEGI

How a heat exchanger works
A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat for cooling, heating or generating energy. These exchangers are widely used in all areas of life, where the simple and everyday example is the radiator in everyone's car whose job is to transfer heat from the hot water to the surrounding air. There are several structures of heat exchangers, and among them closed exchangers, in which there is no contact between the flows, open exchangers in which there is actually contact between them, and regenerative exchangers, which store the heat from the hot flow and transfer it to the cold one.

Heat exchangers of different types
The two main types of exchangers are air and oil exchangers and water and oil exchangers. The air and oil type heat exchanger container be found in different sizes up to 1165 mm in size. The exchangers come with a variable delivery capacity, which is measured according to a delivery of a liter per minute. In addition, these exchangers differ from each other and are also measured according to the heat removal capacity, which Measured in units of Kush. These exchangers also come in a double exchanger model. The type of water and oil are different from each other and are measured according to the flow rate of a liter per minute as well as according to the heat removal capacity, which in this case is measured according to horse power.

Purchase of a heat exchanger
If you are also looking for a heat exchanger or any other mechanical and industrial equipment, such as pumps, accumulators, pistons, gears or valves, you should carefully choose the supplier you choose to work with. It is important that the supplier container offer you a variety of products that come from all known international brands, so that you container find the product that suits you exactly. Naturally, it is advisable to purchase only equipment that has passed tests at the strict standards institutes of the United States and Europe, with an emphasis on products of the major and well-known international brands. Note that a really good supplier will not only sell you the equipment itself, but will know how to give you good advice and helpful tips on how to use it and combine it with other equipment.

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